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Privacy Overview

How We Use Your Data

We at Patient Discovery, as the makers of the Patient Pathfinder and My Amyloidosis Pathfinder (MAP) applications, handle a high volume of patient data. We take your privacy seriously and want you to easily understand what info is collected, how it’s used, and why.

When using our applications you’re agreeing to our privacy policy – keep in mind that this is only a summary of the actual policy.

Information, data, and privacy

Data we collect

Shared with your doctor/clinic?

Shared with for-profit companies (pharma & insurance)?

Shared with health researchers?

Shared with the authorities?


Personally Identifiable Information: data that could reveal your identity, like your name, date of birth, social security number, or contact info.

With Permission


With Permission

When required


Protected Health Information: defined by HIPAA, this means data that reveals your past, present or future health (mental or physical), including your condition, provision, symptoms, or payments. This also include PII (above).

With PermissionNoWith PermissionWhen required

Analytics/Usage Data

Statistics about the way you use our app, like how long you spend on a page or where you click. We use this to improve the app.





Anonymized Data

Info from any of the categories above that we’ve stripped of any identifiable info and combined (aggregated) with other users’ info.





As you use our apps, you’ll enter information about symptoms, treatments, questions you might have, and so on. While not all of this is info is PII/PHI, Patient Discovery handles and protects it in the same way.

Patient Discovery handles our users’ PII as critically sensitive information to the same standards as any HIPAA-compliant healthcare provider. We also expect to be HiTrust certified in 2021.

How your Appointment Companion is shared

Your Appointment Companion (AC) contains information that may be sensitive, or considered PHI (above). Depending on your healthcare provider’s relationship with patient Discovery, and your preference, there are a few different ways that your AC can be used/shared by you and your care team:


AC shared automatically?

AC shared as email attachment?

Pre-appt email sent to you?

AC attached in your pre-appt email?

If Your Provider’s System Syncs With Our Apps

EHR-Integrated: your AC can be sent in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. We do this in partnership with Redox Engine.





If Your Provider Cannot Sync With Our Apps

Not EHR-Integrated: we can email a PDF copy of your AC to your provider. Patient Discovery emails are securely sent; providers have dedicated email inboxes for these emails.

Not available

With your consent*


With your consent*

*Note that disabling these emails will require you to send or bring a copy of these PDF to your appointments on your own.
This feature can be turned on/off at any time (after sign up) from the app dashboard:

  • click on the user icon in the top left and select “Profile”
  • Then select “Consent” from the tabs at the left
  • Edit your consent settings

Please note that Patient Discovery emails are securely sent, but once your Appointment Companion and the sensitive info it contains are in your inbox keeping it secure comes down to your decisions and the various apps/devices you use.

More info

Click here to read the full Patient Pathfinder privacy policy.

Click here to read the full My Amyloidosis Pathfinder privacy.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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