Feel Better Prepared for the Next Visit with Your Doctor

Help your doctor further understand your treatment goals, preferences, and challenges so they can provide the best care
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Step 1

Develop your thoughts and prioritize what matters most when it comes to your care

Step 2

Create a personal Discussion Guide that captures the full you and communicates your treatment goals, preferences, and challenges with your doctor

Step 3

Share it with your doctor so they can better understand your needs and your desired treatment outcomes

How does it work?

After choosing the most important things you want to discuss during your next visit, we'll match you to simple exercises that will help you best learn how to manage your medication and prioritize the important things you want your doctor to know. We’ll also connect you to free, valuable services to help you more easily manage your care.

We call this a Discussion Guide and it's how your doctor can understand the full you before you even step through the door.

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Need Support?

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